Things Ending in -ies

If my life were a jeopardy category right now, it would be “Things Ending in -ies.”

Does anyone even watch that show any more? Didn’t a robot win it or something? Or was that Ken Jennings?

Anyway back to my category… I’ll have Things Ending in -ies for $2000, Alex!

My life consists of blankies, milkies, foodies, walkies, splashies, and all other sorts of other “cute-ified” words. With two dogs and a baby, it’s hard to find time for “adult thoughts.”  I have been consistently reading, even if it takes months to get through a book. I was reminded recently through another woman’s blog (What My Mother Taught Me) that even within this adorable, mind-numbing season of life, it is SO important not to lose sight of myself.

Even more importantly, not to lose sight of the “self” that God created me to be and to work with my family, friends, and church to find ways to keep those pieces of me alive through these baby years. I have been ruminating on these thoughts quite a bit and landed on three questions that I pose as safeguards against losing myself completely in the land of -ies.

1. Have I been in the Word and prayer today?
2. Did I hear God asking me to do something today– something to encourage someone else, to lead a younger believer, to communicate truth, to change myself, to grow beyond my comfort zone- and did I do it?
3. What do I believe God is teaching me right now in this season to prepare me to serve Him in the next season?

It’s hard to keep up with all you folks who aren’t swimming in -ies, harder than I ever imagined it would be! (Of course, one of the beautiful lessons that I’m already learning is that there is no need to keep up. I am in this season now and it is perfectly where I am supposed to be (so freeing!).) Nevertheless, I desire to remain connected and grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally at the pace that this season allows. I am thankful for the technology and time that we live in which allows for this to be an option.

Moms, how do you stay connected and growing through the little years? Not Moms, how do you think you can help moms from drowning in the -ies?

Seasons for Growth

Seasons for Growth



It took 30 years, but she’s finally done it.

Minnesota brainwashed me.

This shoulda-been-born-in-California-Summer-Loving-Flip-Flop-Wearing Minnesota girl is…

E.X.C.I.T.E.D. for winter.

Never. Ever. in my life did I ever think that I would say that, but I’m thinking fall seasonal allergies may have something to do with it ;).

This past month at a team bbq for one of Adam’s classes, I mentioned that I LOVE Minnesota and couldn’t imagine making anywhere else home, at least not long term. This was in the presence of a transplant from Georgia, one from Panama, and others born and raised in Minnesota. Nearly ALL of them looked at me with that crazy look, you know, the one of “what kind of stuff have you been smoking?” But I stood by my claim, giving the best rationale I could muster under pressure- “I can’t imagine living anywhere that didn’t have all four seasons” I said with a smile.

There is just something about the nearly constant change and the cyclical nature of that change that is so healthy for us. My dad always says, “If you don’t ilke the weather in Minnesota, wait a minute.”


The cycle of the seasons is like our lives. There are seasons of new growth and regeneration, rejoicing rest and time on the beach, times of loss and comfort food, and times spent in a deep freeze of struggle, wondering if the sun will ever be warm again.

If you don’t live in Minnesota, you might not know what 30 degrees below zero feels like physically, but I bet your soul does. The times when it hurts to smile, when you wonder if you’ll ever be able to take a deep breath, and your snot freezes… ok, that last one might be stretching a bit. Change challenges us and reminds us of our strength. There are good reasons that people refer to us as “hearty Minnesotans.”

But it’s not all Seasonal Affective Disorder and frozen nostrils up here, there are good things too- like the fact that enjoying a Mint Condition from Caribou Coffee when it’s cold out is exponentially better than when it’s just nice out. Warm, fuzzy scarves are a GREAT way to look like you accessorize :). And summer?! Well, you appreciate summer a WHOLE lot more when you’ve come through a long winter.

Just like the seasons outside our windows, the seasons inside our hearts have so much to offer. Seasons teach us patience and how to find hope. Seasons teach us hard work (think: MARRIAGE, raising kids!, building a career…). Seasons teach us how to relax and celebrate. And seasons teach us how to dust off the running shoes and start over.

Life is a continual cycle of seasons- growth and change.

Our challenge is to find the latte that comforts us and the growth that makes us stronger in every season.

How about you? How do you find comfort in winter and rejoice in summer?