To All My Single Ladies

Dear Single or Married-yet-without-kids Women,

I have a few things I’d like to share from my heart. Because five months ago… I just didn’t know. In the same breath, I’d like to offer a confession to moms who have gone before me and words of caution for those coming behind me.

When I was where you are now, single (or married w/o kiddos) and working, I used to think- erroneously- that being a stay at home mom was boring. I wondered what my friends who stayed home DID all day. This was never in a mean spirit or in judgment, I honestly just wondered!

So I’d like to let you into my day- partially to inform you, partially to warn you- er, prepare you- to have realistic expectations if you day dream of staying at home one day.

7:00 AM (Sometimes earlier) I wake up to fresh made coffee (because my husband is a saint) and a squawking sweetie (that’s my baby, not my hubbs 😉 ).
Change Liliana’s diaper and nurse. Shove coffee and food in my face as fast as possible.
7:30 AM Make hubb’s lunch, take dogs down for potty, feed dogs.
8:00 AM Walk dogs.
8:30 AM Put Lili in Exer-Saucer and hopefully get a shower if she’s compliant.
9:00 AM Nurse Lili and try to convince her that she really DOES need her morning nap (she’s getting better at this-hooray!).
10:00 AM (If Lili naps) Pick up the house from the night before, think about dinner, think about whatever house cleaning needs to be done that day, write a blog, check Facebook, think about working out). Usually just the house picking up actually gets done 🙂
11:00 AM Nurse Lili and entertain her- read books, work on rolling over, generally try to keep her from crying.
12:30 PM Eat lunch whether Lili is crying or not. Eating actually entertains her right now, which is a great excuse to do it…Maybe THAT’s why those last five pounds don’t come off ;).
2:00 PM Nurse Lili and try to convince her that her afternoon nap is a good idea!
3:00 PM Get completely and totally stir crazy and start counting the minutes until Daddy comes home. Start thinking about dinner.
4:30 PM Cook dinner while trying to time it right for when Daddy gets home.
5:30 or 6:30 PM Daddy gets home. He walks the dogs and feeds them.
6:00 PM Lili nurses again and maybe takes a catnap.
7:15 PM Get bath ready. Give Lili a splashie, read a nigh-nigh book, nurse Lili, put Lili to sleep.
8:00 PM Clean up dinner, do dishes, get in any Hubby time as possible.
9:00 PM Usually watch the evening news or crash into bed and check Facebook.


Those are the “easy” days when we get to just be home. Once a week we also have to fit going to the grocery store somewhere in the schedule and other errands on other days. Fortunately Lili is very accommodating and makes my life much easier than I’ve heard other babies can.

A few survival mechanisms that I feel like I may try in the near future is getting up a little earlier every day to work out (but I swear, Lili can SMELL me- as soon as I wake up, I feel like she senses me and wakes up) and try to do the house clean up more consistently at night.


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Now, of UTMOST importance, ladies, I am NOT complaining. I just wanted to share my experiences up to this point because it isn’t all naps and snuggles, rainbows and sunshine. There’s a whole lot of giving and balancing and juggling and exhaustion mixed in with all the smiles, kisses, and love. Maybe you are smarter than me and have already realized that before. I think I knew it in my head before I was living it too, but I still wasn’t prepared.

My hope is that this gives you a more complete picture of what being a stay at home mom may mean for you some day and alleviate some of your questions in the meantime.




3 thoughts on “To All My Single Ladies

  1. Oh, I chuckled through the whole thing. It IS a bit of a shock, isn’t it? One word of warning…perhaps…or maybe it was just me. In the winter, even if what happens during the day doesn’t change, the stir-craziness gets worse. Try and MAKE yourself get outside except on the blizzard days and do social things, even if it is just greeting the mailman. Don’t get the winter blues =) Oh, and as she starts to eat solid food and eat less, you start to feel a little less chained….=)

    • Im SO looking forward to her eating food. I think thats going to be so much fun. I really wasnt complaining per se, it totally could sound like that I guess. I meant to just try to paint a real picture. And thats just my life right now. 🙂 I hear ya about winter! We only have one car too so that lessens my opportunities for escape. Eek. I wish we lived closer lady!

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