Tomorrow Begins at Bedtime

Have you ever noticed that if you floss the night before, you wake up in a better mood the next morning?

NO? I’m alone on this?

You floss every night??— Somehow I don’t believe that.

Flossing represents a principle that I have learned since becoming a stay-at-home (read: work-from-home) mommy- Tomorrow begins when the little one or ones go down for the night.

I have learned that even though my back is burning from the demands of mommyhood, my body is ready to crash, and my brain is on overload, if I can push myself to “reset” the apartment before I crawl into bed, the next day ALWAYS feels better when I wake up. For me, this doesn’t mean too much work:

  1. Clean up dinner and wipe down counters in the kitchen.
  2. Do the dishes.
  3. Do a quick pickup of stray burp rags, socks, and other odds and ends that have been left out of place.

I by NO means accomplish this every night, but on the nights that I do, I find that I look forward to tomorrow with a fresh set of eyes, instead of weary ones.

I learned the essence of this principle in jr. high school  through, If, a poem by Rudyard Kipling. (Read the whole thing if you have a minute- it’s worth it!)


Wanna know how I made this cool quote?  Check out a tutorial on a great blog I follow, here.

Tenacity or determination to push beyond what you think is possible are skills that many of us, if we are honest, may find that we lack these days. Our get-it-now culture gratifies us with so many pleasures instantly that it’s easy to forget that some of the best things in life are worth working for. No one knows the meaning of hard work better than tough-it-out, working mamas- and if you’re a mama, that means you- we all work hard whether exclusively in our homes or also outside of them.

So, take a challenge with me this week!!- when you feel like giving up and letting go, hold on for one more minute, one more hour and see what you can accomplish- because often finishing one thing well means starting the next thing well. I’d love to hear about how you practice tenacity!



5 thoughts on “Tomorrow Begins at Bedtime

  1. Right on!!! My big girls have to clean their room and my little girls are learning to clean their toys/books at night as well. After they go to bed at night, I do a run around and tidy up the rest of the house quickly too. It can mean all the difference in the morning!! ESPECIALLY if you’ve been up during the night with a child or two and are extra tired in the morning. A messy house makes me totally agitated which isn’t nice for my kids – so…. this totally helps me too.
    You’re getting a good start to this new Mom thing. 🙂

  2. I LOVED this advice! It’s a great encouragement because I’m on the trailing end of motherhood and I am weary, tired and much, much, older than when I started. 🙂 Thanks for the great encouragement to press on. Thanks for the link to my blog, too, you are SO sweet!

    • I found myself having to practice what I preached today-its a lot harder to do than say :-). Writing it here made me feel accountable to stick it out when I wanted to quit. Im glad it encouraged you!

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